WiSECURE Security Key Receives FIDO Level 2 Certification

In October of this year, WiSECURE’s received the Authenticator Certification Level 2 (L2) status for its AuthTron™ FIDO2 Security Key. This is the world’s first FIDO2 L2 security key with the exclusive Touch Pattern patent, providing a strong reliable solution for password-less authentication for finance and banking industries as well as government entities.

The FIDO2 authentication, supported by AuthTron™, was the focal point of the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) in 2018. Within a year, this was recognized by major players and became the global standard. The FIDO2 authentication allowed physical security keys to be strongly authenticated through the browser, which lowered the applicable threshold. The focus of L2 is to “conform to a solution included in FIDO Allowed Restricted Operating Environment and Allowed Cryptography.” WiSECURE adopted the CC EAL 5+ authenticated secure cryptoprocessor that can block side-channel attacks, man-in-the-middle-attacks, and phishing tactics. Until now (November 1st, 2021), there are only four companies worldwide, including WiSECURE, that have received the FIDO2 L2 authentication.

WiSECURE has the exclusive patent to the “Touch Pattern Authentication”, which uses cognitive behavior to replace fingerprint recognition. This type of authentication aims to solve users’ privacy concerns about biometrics and greatly reduce hardware costs under the premise of high security.

CEO of Japanese System Integrator M-Plus remarks, “AuthTron™ debuted at the Japan IT Week exhibition on October 27th – October 30th, which attracted a lot of attention since this product appeals to many regarding data protection and identity verification purposes.”

On November 1st, 2021, WiSECURE simultaneously announced to become the original design manufacturer (ODM) for FIDO2 L1 and L2 security keys to help clients save development costs and build their own security keys.

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) was established in 2012 to promote a set of open and interconnected authentication standards. Its goal is to protect users from password threats. There are over 250 members in FIDO right now, including the founding members of PayPal, Infineon, Google, Microsoft, and other big names that will drive the industry to welcome the future.

This article is a translation from the original article published on WiSECURE’s website.